Baby FAQ

Where do the studies take place?

Studies take place on the Modesto Maidique Campus at FIU. Every project is approved by the IRB (Institutional Review Board) and all personnel are trained in working with human subjects. We provide free parking and free sibling childcare for participating families.

What can I expect as a parent?

Studies are meant to be fun and exciting for children. You will remain with your child at all times. We may videotape your child playing with toys. Occasionally we use sensors to track your child's arm movements. We always explain what will happen in the session.

What can I expect as a student?

Students can expect to participate in data analysis with the software program Noldus Observer, readings and lab meetings as scheduled, and other tasks depending on level and experience. Opportunities exist to contribute to scientific articles or to conduct a thesis.

What are you working on now?

We're looking for parents of 2-month-olds, 12- to 16-month-olds, or 2- to 6-year-olds to participate in studies. For more information, go to our current studies page.